In partnership with the Grief Recovery Center, VIA LINK is happy to announce the beginning of Real Talk, a support group for teens experiencing thoughts of suicide. 


Real Talk is a weekly support group for individuals age 13-17 in the Baton Rouge Area who are living with thoughts of suicide. Real Talk provides an understanding space for teens living with suicide ideation to talk about what they are really going through, both successes and struggles. 


The group meets every Monday on Zoom from 6pm-7:30pm. Every 3 weeks, there will be a simultaneous support group meeting for parents of teens enrolled in the group.


Real Talk is free to join. To enroll in the group or to receive additional information, send an email to [email protected] or call 225-924-6621.


For additional support, individuals can utilize VIA LINK’s free 24/7 support lines. Information for these resources can be found below. 


Crisis Teen Textline: 

Text 833-TXT-TEEN


Louisiana Parentline:

Call 833-LA CHILD or 

Text 225-424-1533


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