Preventing Child Abuse

VIA LINK works to prevent and reduce instances of child abuse by providing access to support for parents 24 hours a day.

Louisiana Parentline

VIA LINK offers Louisiana Parentline, which provides parents with free, confidential, 24/7 access to a live specialist. Louisiana Parentline can be reached through phone and text 24 hours a day.  We give parents a safe space to express their frustrations, ask parenting questions and get support. Louisiana Parentline specialists can offer emotional support, de-escalation, crisis intervention, information & referral, and plans for coping.  Follow up calls can also be offered to parents to increase their circle of support.

Illustration of mother with daughter
Woman providing support via phone

24/7 Support

All Louisiana Parentline specialists are also mandated reporters and trained in identifying potential child abuse and making timely reports to DCFS. Specialists can also assist those who may have concerns about potential child abuse in the reporting process and offer support.  By providing this access to support 24/7 VIA LINK hopes to prevent child abuse, reduce any instances of unreported abuse, and provide information, support, and coping for parents.

The phone number is 833-LA-CHILD (833-522-4453). You can also text us at (225) 424-1533.