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VIA LINK collects a large amount of data. This includes information about what the biggest human services needs are in Louisiana, what demographics are requesting the most assistance, how suicide and mental health challenges vary by parish, what needs are not being met, and more.

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We have created interactive dashboards to share our data in real time.

We hope that it will help organizations and individuals identify the best ways to serve the people of Louisiana.

Explore our Dashboards


These dashboards contain information about 38,000 people who reached out to VIA LINK for support. They explore how people contacted us, where they were located, and what services they needed.


These dashboards contain on over 380,000 people who ViaLink has given counseling to and helped find resources. They explore what demographics ask for the most assistance, how this varies by location, and profiles target populations like the homeless and disabled.


This dashboard contains data about more than 380,000 instances where a person had a need and VIA LINK Helped them connect with resources. It explores what the biggest needs are in Louisiana, and how needs vary by location, time, and demographics.