When people are coping with thoughts of suicide, it is important to know that you are not alone.  Here at VIA LINK, we want to help individuals get access to resources and develop a continuum of care and support. 

As we enter into 2020, we will be launching a new support group called “Living with Suicide” in partnership with Grief Recovery Center.  “Living with Suicide” is an 8 week closed support group designed for individuals who are living with thoughts of suicide so they can build their individual support system. Those who are 18 and older who have current or past thoughts of suicide are encouraged to join this group to be provided with a safe space to speak about their past experiences, to focus on feelings and triggers, and to build hope for the future. 

For the group member’s individual support system, there will be three separate support group meetings in which there will be a safe space to find support, speak about past experiences, and learn about the role of being a support system. Individuals interested in joining the group must schedule an informal interview prior to attending the first meeting.  

To schedule an interview, or for questions about the group you can contact group facilitators Esther Sachse, LCSW-BACS or Sherrard Crespo, LMSW by calling (225) 924-6621 or emailing [email protected]. Informal interviews will be available throughout January and February 2020.


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