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  • Director of Administration and Data

    Posted on January 08, 2019

    Position Title:  Director of Administration and Data 

    Accountability:  CEO

    Function:  Manage strategic data (Resource and contact center report data) initiatives.  Assist in working toward long term agency sustainability and viability through continued diverse income generation, program development and strategic partnerships. Assist in improved visibility of agency through public promotion, media materials, etc.


    Explore, attract, and assist in piloting and implementing new program initiatives working with the CEO and others as appropriate to develop new resources for the agency and to explore and form partnerships that will enhance the sustainability and viability of the agency and its programs.

    Be the Data Manager of Contact Report Data collected through the Contact Center work.  Produce agency data reports for community members, local and state government entities that are well formatted and work to increase value and utilization of reports and agency data. 

    Manage data initiatives that demonstrate, share and generate income.

    Represent and promote agency with partners, the public and media.  Attend meetings and events, providing presentations, and preparing documents and materials as needed, in coordination with CEO.

    Work with CEO and key staff regarding disaster planning and implementation as needed.

    Work with and provide leadership to agency affiliates at local, state, regional, and national levels as appropriate.

    Function as Resource Manager.  Manage Resource staff in compiling Resources in online directory according to AIRS standards.  Assist team in mining for new resources – sharing information you gather from community meetings.  There are currently 2 fulltime and 1 part-time Resource Specialists.

    Look for growing/continued opportunities in leasing our resources.

    Work with CEO in production of public relation materials and in keeping them current.  This would include updating of website and social media accounts.

    Establish and maintain a strong relationship with funders, contractors, and other partners.

    Assist with compliance and requirements of contracts, grants, and agreements.

    Carry out project development, budgeting, and reporting as needed.

    Work with area universities, parish governments and other agencies for continued partnerships, resources, and contract potential.

    Requirements:  Graduate degree preferred.  Experience in project management, IT, and software programs.  Working knowledge of Microsoft office products and Tableau. Relational knowledge of major philanthropic funders in New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.

    Salary:  TBD

    Please submit resumes to jobs@vialink.org

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